house on the water


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The task of the competition was to design a modern city residence and find the best location for it inside the city. The residence should be able to accommodate family with 2 or 3 children.

Our goal was to find a location that assures both – contact with nature and connection with center of the city. Unfortunatelly, best building sites in Warsaw are already taken, and we didn’t want to place our house outside the downtown. That led us straight to the Vistula river shore in city center. We’ve decided to place the residence on the edge between city and nature.

We think that modern villa should be unique in architectural design and provide comfort of living. Our understanding of term „comfort of living” led us to conclusion that you should be able to benefit from perks both of living in the city and in the subburbs. Our house on water is mobile, which gives the possibility to adjust locaction of your house to changing family needs.

Interior space
We’ve divided interior space of the house into two sections. First section is big living room with kitchen and dining space. Second section is adjustable – through a system of modular walls you can divde space into various number of rooms.

Evolving House
Our house on water is a combination of mobile house with adjustable interior. Both of that features are intended to meet the needs of next phases of family life. We’ve divided family life into three development stages: Youth, Grown Ups & Elders.