modular parking for bicycles


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Our first common project. We designed it for the competition organized by ZTM Warszawa (Public Transport Authority in Warsaw). We got the third place, the rights to the project were purchased by the organizer.

The shape of the main construction elements were inspired by geometry of bicycle frame. Triangular frame helps to keep good static balance of the form and gives dynamic character.

We suggested making the parking from smaller modules. In each of them there were supposed to be a place for 2 racks = 4 bicycles.


There are two lighting points in every module. We put them in strategic points so they give a good lighting to bicycle spots and interesting illumination at night.
The main part of the lamps were hidden in construction frame. We thouht also about extra lighting – LED diodes – which could go in red band around roof and back wall.


Roofing protects not only bicycles but also cyclists. That's why we suggested putting a bench inside the cubature. It might be useful for changing shoes (from SPD to regular one) or could be just a place for taking a rest.
Bench is placed in the same way as racks. That's why, in the case of building an extension of the parking, bench can be easily replaced by a rack.
You can also see this kind of rule in the design of the bench which looks like a broken rack.

Ad/map | Air compressor

Ad / map
Sides of the parking can be used as a place to put ads, city map with bicycle paths or ticket vending machine. At the end of one of the walls we put pictograph with graphic sign of Bike&Ride program.

Air compressor
In one of the walls, next to the bench, we put an air compressor for pumping bicycle wheels. How cool is that?

Module | Monitoring

Our project in its basic version has 10 spots and 1 bench, all in 3 modules. Parking can be extended with next modules from both sides of the construction.

Camera is situated in the corner, it is attached to the frame of the parking. Electronic and communication network run in the construction frame.

Technical drawings – plan, front view and section

Construction of the parking was made from the steel pipes with 10 cm diameter. In the places of the biggest bending moments the construction was strengthened with plate girders. Pipes were painted in gray color (RAL 9006). Transparent roofing and back wall were made from light and flexible polycarbonate, 15mm thick.
Steel, red (RAL 3020) band which is stiffening the polycarbonate elements goes around roofing and back wall.