neon for warsaw


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The task of that competition was to design a neon, which could become an important landmark for the city. The competition was organized by the Museum of Neon and RWE Poland.
Around 450 works have been submitted, of which the jury selected 5 most interesting. Final decision has been made by internet users. Our work, "+48 22", which is the phone area code for Warsaw, took the 3rd place, but after the disqualification of the project “Warsaw jars” we were elevated to the second position.

The whole competition was frequently mentioned in the media. Because of that, we organized a crowd-founding campaign, which was necessary to finance the creation of the neon. We managed to collect all of the money in few days. Today you can see our neon which shines above the entrance of PAŃSTWOMIASTO cafe next to Andersa 27 Street. You are more than welcome!

Above our second project, which we also sent to the contest. It didn’t reach the finals but it has been presented on the exhibition during award ceremony and it was mentioned by some of the trade magazines. Therefore we were very pleased.